Purple Paw Award

                 PURPLE PAW AWARD


  Every veterinarian and their staff can tell you a story of a pet that went through an illness or hard time and did it in a way that no human ever could. Here is where Larkspur Cat Clinic celebrates these special patients with the Purple Paw Award.
Alexandra Madison had to have her back leg removed due to a life threatening sarcoma on her foot.  She was such a good patient and allowed us to do our job.  She is recovering at home and we are optimistic about her future.

 A sarcoma  is a cancer  of the connective tissue.  It can form on any part of the body, but most form on the limbs.  Amputation has saved many lives and cats do very well on 3 legs.

Nubby  was brought to us with a mammary tumor.  She was uncomfortable and the tumor was starting to spread.  Nubby is feeling much better since her surgery and we will continue to monitor her for any signs of illness.  Nubby was a wonderful patient!  It was like she knew we were helping her.                                                  
Mammory Tumors in cats is almost always malignant.  Early spaying (before your kittens first heat) my help to lower your cats risk. 
Waggles receives the Purple Paw Award for Bravery 

Waggles returns home after being gone for at least 4 years. Our little girl has a wonderful story.  In 2001, there were feral cats in my neighborhood, one of which we named Waggles because her tail always waggled back and forth.  It took about 7 months of coaxing to get close enough to touch her.  Then we were able to kennel her and quickly take her to the vet. Dr. Branch checked her blood, spayed & chipped her, we got her declawed because we had another indoor only declawed cat.(Larkspur Cat Clinic did not declaw Waggles and does not declaw,  find more information about declaw on our FAQ page).   Waggles was such a happy little girl, yes, little 7 pounds.  She had the good life and loving family.  One day in 2004 when a repairperson was here, he left the front door open by accident and Miss Waggles ran away.  We put posters up, went online, called the Humane Society, Pet finder and many other groups.  Neighborhood families and children riding bikes helped us by jingling bells, which were her favorite toy however, we could not find her.  We refreshed the posters for many months and continued to go door to door and leave pictures.  On Tuesday, September 30, 2008,  I received a phone call from a woman named Jonette she stated that she found my cat Waggles! My heart skipped a beat and I said, “Is she alright”, the voice on the other end of the phone said she seemed to be, except she must have been in a fight because she has several animal bites.  She said she would be glad to bring Waggles to me, which she did.  The next morning I took her to Larkspur Cat  Clinic, I told everyone her story and they were all so excited . Of course, the first thing we needed was to have her blood panel done.   Not just for Waggles benefit, but also because my old cat has cancer.  The gals in the office held their breath all day waiting for the results of the blood panel.  Thank goodness, it came back negative.  Her bites were lanced and cleaned and I went to pick her up.  Waggles will stay in a room by herself until the wounds heal some and then she will gradually be reintroduced into the family, which has grown since she left.  We adopted a cat from the Animal Welfare League about 3 years ago.  He had been there for over 1 year, had eye infections, was declawed and very much overweight.  Ellery does not have any sign of eye infections; however, he is still very much overweight, weighing in at 21 pounds.  Wychin our old man has been taking treatments for his cancer for nearly 4 months; it looks like he is tolerating it well.  Of course, we have one more member of the family. S kittles, a 2 yrs old 3.6-pound Yorkshire terrier that rules the house.

Now for the final and most coincidental part of the entire story.  The gal that found Miss Waggley Jaggly Jingly girl lives only 2 blocks away and after many phone conversations with her, we found out she also uses Dr. Branch for her feline family members.  Jonette thank you so much for bringing our girl home!

Please remember to have all your pets chipped . We never would have seen Waggles again if it were not for the chip.

Sincerely, Joyce & Jim C.

Justice and his family came to us after spending the night in the emergency room.  He had several painful wounds that needed intensive care.  Justice gave purrs and hugs thoughout his stay in our hospital and we could not believe how sweet a cat in so much pain could be.  It is our honor to give Justice his well deserved purple paw.  Oh and the purple bandage on his paw is just a coincidence, I guess it was meant to be.
 Ti and his new family Jerry and Janet Bushey
Ti has been a patient here for about 10 years, living with his elderly owner at a nursing home.  His owner had a fall and was moved to a new facility that does not allow pets.  We were very worried about what would happen to an 18yr old cat who needs medication daily and a loving home.  We are so grateful to Mr and Mrs Bushey who didn't hesitate to give this old man a loving home.  This is not the first time this great couple has taken an elderly pet into their home to make sure their final years are happy ones.
Thank you so much....
Update: Ti went to the rainbow bridge Feburuary 2009.  We again thank Mr and Mrs Bushey for making his last year so wonderful.
Mouzer came to the clinic with a urethral obstuction (he could not urinate).  He went through 3 surgeries before he was able to go on his own.  When it came time for Mouzer to go home to his family, they were no where to be found.  Mouzer is a wonderful cat and has made himself at home here at the clinic.
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