We provide the following cat services:

  • Wellness exams: regularly scheduled physical exams with disease prevention consultations are the best ways to maintain a catís health.
  • Nutritional counseling: feeding options and weight loss counseling.
  • General Surgery: spay/neuter, orthopedics, soft tissue surgery including: perineal urethrostomy, thyroidectomy, cystotomy, sub-total colectomy and mass/tumor removal.
  • Dental Care: dental cleaning, treatment of periodontal disease and tooth extraction.
  • Geriatric Medicine: arthritis, weight loss, hyperthyroidism, renal disease and cancer.
  • Behavior Consults: inappropriate elimination and aggression.
  • General Medicine: diagnosis and therapy for ill and injured cats.
  • Boarding: personalized and attentive care while you are away from home. Administration of medications is available.
  • Grooming: Clipping and combing. If necessary, sedation with veterinary examination and supervision is offered.
  • Pediatrics: Well kitten care, vaccinations and consultation to help your kitten grow up healthy and well behaved.
  • End of Life Care - Humane euthanasia in accordance with your wishes and complete after care services. Private suite available.

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