Our boarding facility was designed specifically with your kitty’s comfort and enjoyment in mind. Larkspur Cat Clinic offers more than your standard steel cage.
Larkspur Cat Clinic houses your cat in a side by side unit, one side for living quarters, other for the litter box (provided by Larkspur Cat Clinic)

We provide bark-free environment for kitty to relax.

$28.00 per night/per cat
$32.00 per night/per cat

Still not enough room for your feline friend to stretch his/her legs?

VIP Treatment? YES PLEASE! Deluxe Suites are also available.

All suites offer a room with a view. Each room is suited with a medium to large cat tree and /or window perch. Bedding/Down pillows provided at no additional charge.

Does your feline friend need medication on a daily basis? Our veterinary technicians are trained to monitor daily routine and administer medication as directed. Intake and Output are also tracked daily, if needed the doctor on staff will be alerted. Medication administration fee is $14.00 per day.

If you have a reservation already made, you may drop off or pick up anytime during regular business hours.
AFTER HOURS PICK UP/ DROP OFF is provided by special arrangement at $38.00 per meeting, and is subject to staff availability.
If you are interested in boarding, tours are encouraged during business hours.
*All Boarders be must current on their RCP Vaccine.