Feline Veterinary Services

Our state of the art Cat Hospital is located at I-17 and Cactus Road. This central location allows us to serve clients in Phoenix, Glendale, Peoria, Surprise, Sun City, Anthem, Scottsdale, Paradise Valley and surrounding communities. Early morning drop off service is available for the convenience of commuters. Our veterinarians and staff have specialized in the unique medical needs of cats and our training, facilities and procedures are specifically designed to meet their needs. Cats are not small dogs! Call or email for an appointment.

We provide the following cat friendly services…

Wellness exams: regularly scheduled physical exams with disease prevention consultations are the best ways to maintain a cat’s health.
Nutritional counseling: feeding options and weight loss counseling.
General Surgery: spay/neuter, orthopedics, soft tissue surgery including: perineal urethrostomy, thyroidectomy, cystotomy, sub-total colectomy and mass/tumor removal.
Dental Care: dental cleaning, treatment of periodontal disease and tooth extraction.
Geriatric Medicine: arthritis, weight loss, hyperthyroidism, renal disease and cancer.
Behavior Consults: inappropriate elimination and aggression.
General Medicine: diagnosis and therapy for ill and injured cats.
Boarding: personalized and attentive care while you are away from home. Administration of medications is available.
Grooming: Clipping and combing. If necessary, sedation with veterinary examination and supervision is offered.
Pediatrics: Well kitten care, vaccinations and consultation to help your kitten grow up healthy and well behaved.
End of Life Care:  Humane euthanasia in accordance with your wishes and complete after care services. Private suite available.